Date A Man Who Writes You Love Letters

This girl is like me. She has voiced my feelings! I am that girl.

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“I don’t write often, so don’t judge too hard,” the text message read.

I opened up my email and there it was, waiting for me. My eyes could not read fast enough. They scanned and rescanned, checking to make sure not to miss a line.

Every word of his made my heart flutter. It was not that his writing was particularly good, but that I could hear his voice in my head speaking to me with each sentence. “I didn’t think I’d be falling in love with you.” Me neither, I thought. “Thank you for letting me break down your walls.” It was my pleasure.

“It’s beautiful,” I messaged back, not knowing what else to say. I meant it.

I had sent him my own word document a few days prior, at his request.

“You know,” he said, “you made me fall for you a lot harder than I meant…

元の投稿を表示 さらに648語


A 100 words for the First

There are many times when I space out, other times when thoughts come to me in the heat of the moment. I am one of those whose inspiration seems to ride on my emotion waves (did I just imply my emotions to be my Muse?!). I feel more useful and less put down by my lack of argumentative-intellect when I write. It is my outlet and solace. Especially now, since I’ve hit a snag in life. Setting up this blog gives me a strange sense of achievement writing emails at work can’t.

So here I am – fourth blog in my life.